Contact Me

There are several ways to get a hold of me....

Just a phone call away:

You are welcome to call me during the day or evening at (830) 837-8815.  My office hours are 8am-8pm Central Monday through Saturday and 10am-5pm Central on Sundays.  If I'm not here please leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can, usually within a few hours.


You are welcome to send me a letter through the mail at any time, however I'll get back to you a lot faster if you email it to me!  My email address is  If you do want to brighten my day, feel free to send me something in the mail - it's so much better than a bill, pizza flyer or real estate flyer!  Contact me for my mailing address.

Drop by for a visit:

If you've been to my place before you can pop in if you'd like.  I would prefer that you knock first, and definitely don't come outside of business hours - you never know what trouble I might be stirring up!  If you're picking up an order I can gladly set it on my porch for you if it is outside of business hours.