Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Found My Swap Pictures!!!

I recently posted about a swap I particpated in here, however, I couldn't find the pictures.  Well, guess what, I FOUND THEM!!!  So, without further adieu, here the are


Ann Schach said...

Beautiful flower card, Jamie! nd your second project is so unique and creative! Wow!

Patty Zeitler said...

Thanks Jaie for this wonderful swap I got from you!! I have shown my girls in my club and they all LOVE it as well....sorry I have not had a chance to post on Ustamp...I will get it done though...thanks again. BTW, where can I get more of that yummy candy you sent me??? My children loved it and wanted more...I told them sorry but I got the rest...LOL

Patty Zeitler said...

oops it should read JAMIE...sorry my fingers typing faster than brain working...LOL