Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Swaps Rock!!

One of the many great things about UStamp is the swaps!  There is usually a Friend to Friend swap where we are paired up with another individual (typically from another country) and we each create a card and a small 3D item for one another.  There is also a group swap (I think it was 6+1) where we create 7 of the same cards and mail them all to our Swap Skipper who in turns swaps out the cards for 6 different cards and mails them back. 

I was lucky enough to be paired with Sharna Russell from New Zealand.  Be sure to visit her fantastic blog! 

Sharna made me the cutest swaps using the now retired Eat Chocolate Stamp set.  I love the card she made and the little tin is adorable and was filled with the most DELICIOUS chocolates!  She also sent me some other AMAZING sweets from NZ that my kids promptly devoured!  Thank you so much Sharna!

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