Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Move Update

I had several people ask me to keep them posted on our move, so here goes ...

The movers came yesterday and packed AND loaded our entire house!  I was amazed that they were able to do it all in one day.  Really, they only took about five hours.  We are now living in temporary lodging until we leave the island the morning of the 11th.  It will be a very long day, but we are all looking forward to getting back to the States and seeing our family.  However, our first stop (as demanded by my boys) will be Whataburger on the way home from the airport!

In the meantime, we are holed up in our room waiting for Super Typhoon Muifa to hit our tiny island of Okinawa.  It is projected to be a Category 4 when it hits us.  We are well stocked and the housing here is built to withstand these storms, so all is good.  Just hoping that the power and Internet don't go down. 

My next post will probably be in a week when we are on U.S. soil.  Thanks to you all for hanging around and waiting for me to share creations with you again!

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Ann Schach said...

Safe travels, Jamie!