Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Blog Activity Update

As I've mentioned before, my daughter is having her first baby (a little girl) in 8 weeks.  We couldn't be more excited!  She and her fiancé live in my house with her brother and me (her dad does contract work and is away from home a lot) and we have a LOT to do to prepare for Little Girl's arrival.  Unfortunately, a lot of it we can't get accomplished until after her baby shower in a week and a half, such as converting the guest room to a nursery, paint and all, and picking up any items she still needs after her baby showers.  I will still be crafting and posting, but in all probability, I will not have a consistent schedule until at least mid-June to early July.  I hope you all will have patience with me as our family makes the adjustment to having a newborn in the house again! 
Take care and Happy Stamping!

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